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Bryan's Journal

Sunday, April 11, 2004


www.livejournal.com/users/heworksatkfc yea lame i can never think of usernames for anything

Wednesday, March 31, 2004


im bored and at school in the sutpid comptuer lab with mrs hansons dumb class and i dont know

Sunday, February 1, 2004


yesterday i had to work at 1130 and i was supposed to get off at 4 but then i stayed until 940. OVERTIME!! haha. yeah so it was only a little over time but its still over time. i have to work today. dammnit we're supposed to be super busy cuz of the super bowl and all. last night i was driving a co workers car around the parking lots and it was fun cuz her car is a stickshift. i think when i do behind the wheel sometime soon im going to do it on a stick shift because they're funner and whatnot. i get paid tommorrow!.. ahha. i got 140 from my mom today cuz she owed me, and she still owems me 140 more. i cant wait to get a car, my poor as needs one so i wont have to walk everywhere.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

6:05PM - a cat is outside

Theres a kitty outside of my door. its orange though, i dont particulary like orange cats because i just dont. Maybe it will come back. TodaE was a good day. I got in a nice two hour nap and just woke up from it. On my way to school this morning i saw a shooting star, it was cool i guess. i kind of saw it out of the corner of my eye. school was pretty easy considering i was absent yesterday, i guess because it was a planning day. im hungry. I GOT MY PERMIT>!! finally. i missed 8, but hey i still passed. Six months and Im on the road. Watch out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

10:59PM - and work was busy...

its like 11 at night and my ass barely got home from work. I did drive through today and FUCK!!! we were so fucking busy for like three hours shit. it must have been have kfc for dinner day. And so it was very stressful very stupid and all that shit, but at least i get paid for it. i thought i was going to be late for work today cuz i stayed after class and got help on my spanish shit from sra. pantoja and shit and she kept talking forever i was about to yell " shit im going to miss the fucking bus and be late for work" but finally she finished and i left. walked to work almost late. cuz i missed the ghetto ass bus. yipee i get to wake up in 6.5 hours to start a new day just like today. sounds great! go to school with no sleep. fall asleep in all my classes, and go to work all night long. at least i dont have work on friday. my feet hurt like hell. i have a zit on my chin. im bored. math sucks i hate math. i didnt do my homework today, but maybe i will do it in biology like i did today. lyndon and albert were sick today (managers at work) YES!! haha. they suck. hmmmm i dont know. oh well i guess this is it.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

8:47PM - Finally updating..

Well i guess im going to start using this now? ill try i guess. but i doubt ill stick with it.

So things have been good. Sure, things can ALWAYS be better but they're going good and thats all that matters? right. The other day I got paid, boy was I happy, sure I worked my ass off for two weeks all for a measly 246 dollars, that all eventually got loaned out, but, its still money, and its coming back to me. Finals are over, which im glad, and im happy/proud to say that i passed my classes, well sort of. Math and spanish i got D's, but i think you get credit but it doesnt count or something but i still get the credit, so its not like it was a COMPLETE waste of time. Today Was the start of a new semester. the day went by good, although im already starting up with my bad habits ie; had math homework and i dindt do it today, nor spanish, but lets not worry about that right now. First period Is the only class that changed, and I have weights. About half of my life management class is in it to, we have coach wright. Rosalyn is in it to, and shes like the only black person. All we did was sit in the gym today on the bleachers, or we could have shot hoops which i chose not to do because i was to tired/lazy to get up /had no one to shoot them with and yeah. then school dragged on, it was quite interesting to see some new kids in my classes. In spanish i got in trouble for talking and laughing, but she can suck tijuana for all i care. Then i came home and took a nap from 330-530? something like that. it was great. i miss sleep. Then i got up and ate and then went to grossmont center with my sister. im so dumb she was going to buy me some clothes and stuff but i was to lazy to look. my loss. now im here typing this stupid entry that no one reads, the purpose? i guess to get it out of me or something who knows i dont. shitty entry eh? yeah if it doesnt make sense its because its a stripped down entry from my other xanga

Tuesday, September 2, 2003


im bored

Sunday, August 17, 2003


IM so bored. It's hot right now very hot. Well today I woke up at 5:30 because I kept sneezing and had a runny nose and was cold, so I got up and then I watched tv and stuff. Then I went outside and watered some plants and shit because my mom would bitch at me to do it later when it's all hot so I did it while I waited for Monica to get off the computer. I didn't do anything today as usual. I don't know what else to write either lol. LiveJournal sucks because its too hard to customize and stuff and xanga is easier.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

12:42AM - none

this is my first entry i got a livejournal because stupid xanga is dumb and doesnt work alot of the time and hasnt been working for a few days...

anyway today i had to wake up at 730 and i watched my nephew while my mom took my little sisters to school because it was their first day of school. i fell asleep watching him but he did to so it was all good. then my mom came home so i got up and i turned the computer on and signed on aim and went back to sleep. then i slept for a few more hours and finally got up and watched tv. i didnt do anything today as usual.